Best 5 Face Wash Cream For Women In India
Best Face Wash For Women in India

Best 5 Face Wash Cream For Women In India

Clean, fresh and flawless – when you search for a face wash those things are on your mind, irrespective of your skin type. Since cleansing is the most basic step of skin care routine, investment in good face wash is a must.

The choices are many – face wash with exfoliating granules, extra moisturising for dry skin, pimple controlling gel based, or the all natural one that gives your skin balanced care.

Depending on your skin type, you can choose a face wash that meets your needs. To make your search easier we’ve put together your go-to list of face washes for every skin type.

Read on for now and you can thank us later!

This face wash from Himalaya is a neem face wash. As the name suggests, it is enriched with the goodness of neem and is very beneficial for the skin. The face wash is suitable for everyone but works great for people suffering acne and pimples. It is clinically proven that it prevents pimples. The face wash is suitable for all types of skin.

WOW Skin Science Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Face Wash equipped with the foaming face brush is specially formulated to lock your pores with intense cleansing and nourishment. It helps in purifying pores and diffuse the mulish impurities, leaves your skin clean, clear and radiant with every wash. The packaging includes in-built face brush that is well designed with gentle silicone bristle to give your face deep cleansing on surfaced and within enlarged pores. Helps your skin to fight against acne and blackheads. Enriched with pure apple cider vinegar, aloe vera extract, vitamins b5 and e for cleansing, healing and hydrating care to get you clear, soft and supple skin.

A rich and hydrating blend of pure honey and bark of arjun tree extracts, this ayurvedic face also comes with the goodness of euphorbia plant and wild turmeric. 100% soap-free with a foaming gel consistency, this face wash gently cleanses and moisturizes your face. Suitable for all skin types, it dissolves makeup, impurities, and also lightens the complexion. Purifying and refreshing, this ayurvedic face wash also contains vitamins B1, B2, C, B6, B5 and B3, as well as traces of copper, iodine and zinc. Holistic cleansing with natural ingredients make this face wash perfect for daily use. Suitable for all skin types, this ayurvedic foaming gel face wash has the goodness of honey.

Perfect for dry skin, this rich creamy face wash is loaded with the goodness of aloe vera and cucumber, which together moisturise and cool. What you get is well-hydrated soft skin that is fresh and glowing. This soap-free cream based face wash replenishes lost moisture of your skin and soothes that dry and stretchy feeling. Natural ingredients make it ideal for daily use. Natural aloe vera care that cools and gives intense moisturisation.

For those who love to pamper their skin with soft exfoliation everyday, this fruity face wash is perfect! Fresh, refreshing and gentle, this gel based face wash with 100% real kiwi extracts and soft cleansing beads gently cleanses dirt and impurities. Packed with fruit-kissed glow, your skin looks fresh, plump and clear. The antioxidants in Kiwi improve your skin texture and give an ultimate fruity freshness. Regular usage brings out clear, radiant clean skin. Suitable for normal skin. This gel based face wash contains 100% real kiwi extracts with soft cleansing beads.

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