Top 5 Best Extension Boards For Home & Office in India
Best Extension Boards For Home & Office in India

Top 5 Best Extension Boards For Home & Office in India

A great functional product, the utility of an extension board is undeniable as it connects all your electrical and electronic devices simultaneously, and also protects them from electrical surges and spikes. The increase in usage of electrical and electronic appliances or gadgets by several family members at home or people in an office, at the same time, has made extension boards a must.

Besides the obvious use of providing multiple slots for powering electric or electronic gadgets, these boards also come in handy as extensions for areas that are far away from power sockets. Plus, nowadays there are the more advanced ones that have USB ports which can connect to the devices, and also charge the devices having the USB power sources such as smartphones and tablets.

You can choose an extension board as per number of slots, LED display indicators, USB port availability, cord length, response time for it to restart in case there is a power surge and absorption rating. We’ve rounded some great options of extension boards for you! Read on to pick the one that fits your needs.

Belkin F9E800zb2MGRY Essential Series 8-Socket Surge Protector has been designed for home and office use. It allows you to connect eight different devices simultaneously to one single power source. The product also acts as a surge protector thus preventing damage to the connected equipment during voltage fluctuations. It allows you to connect any electronic equipment with 2 or 3 pin plugs. The device is combined with a main power switch and power cord. The 2 metre long power cord further adds to the convenience aspect as it makes it easy connecting devices to a far away power source. All the plug sockets of the device are well insulated and grounded. Comes with lifetime warranty.

The white coloured extension board comes with a surge capacity of 6500, a power of 2400 watts, voltage of 240 volts and frequency of 50 hertz. It has a two meter long cable for ease and convenient use. The board has been equipped with 4 universal sockets with shutters to ensure complete safety of children. It is a user-friendly gadget and comes with a stand and a carrier too. Havells has used ABS housing material for high impact and good chemical resistance. Durable & ergonomic design

This 4+ 1 power strip has 4 international sockets and 1 master switch which can be used for different types of plugs around the world. Versatile and safe, its ergonomic design provides adequate space between the sockets. Its thermal overload trip cuts the power from the system, which saves all connected devices in the event of a severe over current. All you need to do is press the red button to return to safe function mode. This board is extremely safe to use as it comes with a child safety shutter that protects from shocks while all its sockets parts have been manufactured from fire-retardant imported engineering products. Made of high quality virgin plastic, it is durable and light. Perfect for household, office, computer, DVD, T.V, this board can take a total load of 10A and has a 2meters long cable cord. The stylish red indicator on its white body easily indicates availability of power supply. This ergonomically designed board also has a safety shutter to protect kids from shocks

Gold Medal brings to you this LED spike guard power strip which is a one stop for your power outlets. The strip combines 6 power outlets together so that you can plug in multiple devices in one strip. Moreover, the strip has an international plug pattern which makes it compatible with devices with different plugs. Cord length: 2m

This extension board by Portronics comes with three universal sockets and three USB ports. The extension board has a spike buster and surge protection circuit. It is made up of premium quality plastic material and is fireproof in order to maintain your safety. The USB ports can be connected with different tech devises like speakers, phone, modems etc. Has an ergonomic design and is very durable.

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Top 5 Best Extension Boards For Home & Office in India
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Top 5 Best Extension Boards For Home & Office in India
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