Best 5 LG Refrigerator in India | Reviews and Buying Guide
Best LG Refrigerators in India

Best 5 LG Refrigerator in India | Reviews and Buying Guide

LG is a multi-national company with a strong suit in best refrigerators and others products across the world. With their innovative solutions and continuous growth, LG is becoming a smarter global brand.

Since their inception in 1958, LG has been improving their products regularly to provide the best solution to their consumers. Their refrigerator product range starts from single door to multi door suitable for every one’s needs.

In this article, we have provided list of best LG refrigerator models. Along with that, we have also provided how to choose the best LG refrigerator that includes unique features that differentiate them from others. If you want to check out models from other brands, you can check them HERE.

LG Refrigerators Type Capacity Compressor BEE Rating Buy Now
Single Door Refrigerator
235 L
Inverter Compressor
4 Star
Side-by-Side Refrigerator
687 L
Inverter Linear Compressor
Double-Door Refrigerator
420 L
Inverter Compressor
3 Star
Side-by-Side Refrigerator
668 L
Inverter Linear Compressor
Double-Door Refrigerator
471 L
Inverter Linear Compressor
3 Star

5 Best LG Refrigerator Review In India

Looking for the best L.G single door refrigerator? Well, this needs serious consideration. This Single Door refrigerator has an inverter compressor, 4-star BEE ratings, it looks gorgeous, and it’s spacious.

It with 235 L capacity, which is ideal for a family with a maximum of 3 to 4 members. 4 Star BEE ratings and the inverter compressor optimizes the power consumption. Thereby the annual electricity bill that you pay is considerably low with this particular model.

It has a lattice-type storage box that condenses the evaporated moisture and keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for longer. The small yet powerful refrigeration system can make ice in 108 minutes. Also, there is a special storage box at the base of the refrigerator where you can store potatoes, onions, garlic, etc.

The gasket is anti-bacterial. There are a total of 4 shelves inside the fridge, 1 fresh box, 2 large bottle rack, 1 regular bottle rack, 1 egg tray, space for storing juice, jam, butter, canned food, etc.

Its operations are stabilizer-free; it can handle voltage fluctuations from 90 to 310 Volts. Additionally, it can connect to the home inverter in case of power cuts.

Warranty: L.G provides a 1-year warranty on the device and 10 years warranty on the compressor.

Best Features:

  • Single door refrigerator with Smart Inverter Compressor that ensures superior performance, energy savings, and silent operations
  • 4 Star BEE Ratings makes it one of the most cost-efficient single door LG refrigerator
  • Ergonomically designed storage space with an extra drawer at the base
  • Can operate at a voltage range from 90 to 310 Volts


  • Energy efficient
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Stabilizer free operation


  • Not frost free

For those looking for a side-by-side extremely elegant huge capacity L.G refrigerator, take a look at this one. This beautiful platinum silver color refrigerator from the premium brand comes with 687 L capacity, inverter compressor, and many more impressive features.

This much capacity refrigerator is good enough for a family with 5-7 members. It has the L.G linear compressor, which can reduce power consumption by 51% and the noise by 25%. One of the best features of this smart device is Digital Sensors. These sensors can sense hot food and open doors and thereby starts regulating the inside temperature.

Hygiene Fresh + technology protect food from bacteria, and microorganism also eliminates any bad odor. Inside this huge refrigerator are present multiple cooling vents to ensure cooling in every corner.

Each side has 4 shelves, 2 vegetable boxes, and 2 freezer boxes. Both the door compartments have plenty of space for bottles, canned food, fruit, juice, eggs, etc.

L.G side-by-side refrigerators can handle long-range voltage fluctuations. However, with one such expensive device, it is better to install a separate stabilizer. That’s what all the L.G technicians will also suggest.

It comes with the Smart ThinQ app that can control all other L.G devices at home. Also, this refrigerator is able to diagnose internal problems by itself with the Smart Diagnosis App.

Warranty: L.G provides a 1-year warranty on the device and 10 years warranty on the compressor.

Best Features:

  • Smart Digital Sensors senses hot food an open doors and instantly optimizes the inside temperature
  • Hydra Fresh+ technology protects food from 99% bacteria, thus keeping them fresh for longer
  • Huge 687 space with ergonomically designed shelves and freezer compartments
  • Platinum Silver finish and stylish design that complements modern interiors
  • L.G Smart Diagnosis LG ThinQ App


  • Huge capacity
  • Energy Saving
  • Stylish ergonomic design
  • Side-by-side refrigerator with a reasonable price


  • No water and ice dispenser

This Double Door Refrigerator is not only the best one from L.G but also the best in the market. There are several reasons to adore this beautiful steel finish mode; one of them is the large 420 L capacity, and Inverter compressor and Ice Beam cooling technology.

The fridge has enough room to store foods for 4-5 members. The Smart Invercompressor saves energy, makes less noise, and always keeps the internal temperature in check. The refrigerator has 3-star BEE ratings, which is considered average, but with the Inverter Compressor its cuts down on the electricity bill.

The Ice Beam Cooling technology ensures uniform cooling and faster ice formation. The fruit/vegetable box with a special lattice-type cover maintains just the right amount of moisture needed to keep vegetables fresh for longer. It has brighter; more energy-efficient LED tower bulbs both in the fridge and in the freezer.

The fridge has 1 vegetable box or moist balance crisper box, one convertible box, 3 shelves, and a fresh box. The side door has a 2L bottle tray, a small bottle tray, and plenty of space for storing juice, milk, jam, cakes, etc. The freezer door also has a separate tray for storing frozen foods like ice-cream, curd, etc.

It has a deodorizer that eliminates any odor formation and an anti-bacterial gasket that prevents bacterial growth in the foods. It also rings an alarm if it left open after a certain time. The double door L.G refrigerator is compatible with Smart Diagnosis App and LG Smart Connect that connects the refrigerator with the home inverter.

Warranty: L.G provides a 1-year warranty on the device and 10 years warranty on the compressor.

Best Features:

  • 420 L double door refrigerator is more spacious than most other refrigerators in this category
  • Ice Beam Cooling ensures uniform cooling throughout the refrigerator
  • Smart Diagnosis can detect internal problems
  • Deodorizer comes with the double-door refrigerator that deodorizes any bad odor


  • 420L double door refrigerator
  • Smart Inverter compressor
  • Uniform cooling
  • L.G Smart Diagnosis


  • 3-star BEE ratings are considered average in terms of energy saving

Want the best looking, feature-rich, huge capacity side-by-side L.G refrigerator? This will be the best option to invest in. This LG refrigerator comes with everything that one can expect from a refrigerator but yes, with a bigger price to pay.

This LG refrigerator has a capacity of 668 L, which is sufficient for a family with 5-7 members. It comes with both a non-plumbed water filter and an ice dispenser. One of the best features of this refrigerator is the Instaview Door-in-Door, which will allow you to take a look inside the refrigerator with just two knows on the glass door. Thus preventing the cold airloss by 41%.

It comes with the L.G linear compressor that reduces power consumption by 51% and noise by 25%. Multi Airflow Vents and Door Cooling+ technology together ensures cool airflow where it’s lost. Additionally, the Multi Digital Sensors also always checks on the inside temperature.

For better storage, it has come up with a door-mounted ice maker. It has a full wine rack, a utility box for storing small items such as cheese, deli, A vegetable/fruit storage box with a Fresh Balancer system that allows you to switch between the optimal humidity levels set for fruits and vegetables, respectively.

The Hygiene Fresh+ Technology keeps 99% bacteria away also neutralizes any bad odor from inside the refrigerator. The refrigerator is Wi-Fi enabled. And comes with the availability of LG ThinQ App that lets you have full control over temperature, other settings, and smart diagnosis of the device.

Warranty: L.G provides a 1-year warranty on the device and 10 years warranty on the compressor.

Best Features:

  • Non-plumbed water filter and ice dispenser can be installed without replacing the filters
  • Instaview Door-in-Door lets you peak in the refrigerator after two knocks without opening the door
  • Door Cooling+ and Multi Digital Sensors always keeps the inside temperature in check
  • Fresh Balancer controls the humidity for fruits and vegetables, respectively
  • Wi-Fi, LG ThinQ App, L.G Smart Diagnosis


  • Water filter and water dispenser
  • Allows to view the inside without opening the door
  • Smart and energy saving
  • Very advanced


  • Consumes more power
  • Expensive

If you are willing to get an advanced and premium quality double door LG refrigerator, look no further. This Amber color LG refrigerator is a convertible refrigerator, which means if you need the freezer can act as a fridge. It comes with a storage space of 471 L, Inverter Linear Compressor, Hygiene Plus Door cooling Plus, and many more advanced features.

If converted, the refrigerator can suffice a family of 5-6 members. It’s a 3-star BEE rated refrigerator. It comes with the Inverter Linear Compressor, which is mostly found in LG side-by-side refrigerators. It provides precise temperature control and uniform cooling, reduces the energy consumption by 51% and noise by 25%.

It has Door Cooling Plus, which regulates the temperature of the door area where most cool-air is lost. Hygiene Fresh+ protects the stored food from 99% bacteria. And the two bid deodorizer eliminates any type of odor from the inside. It can make ice within 90 minutes because of the Jet Ice technology.

The fridge has 1 lattice-type vegetable/fruit box, 3 shelves, and a fresh box. The side door has a 2L bottle tray, a small bottle tray, and plenty of space for storing juice, milk, jam, cakes, etc. The freezer door also has a separate tray for storing frozen foods like ice-cream, curd, etc. It has LED lights both inside the fridge and the freezer.

It has Wi-Fi, it can be connected to your home inverter. It is compatible with the LG ThinQ App and LG Smart Diagnosis.

Warranty: L.G provides a 1-year warranty on the device and 10 years warranty on the compressor.

Best Features:

  • It’s a convertible refrigerator that means the freezer can be used as a fridge. Hence allowing you to expand the storage space
  • Comes with the Inverter Linear Compressor for better energy saving and precise cooling
  • Door Cooling Plus ensures even cooling around the door area
  • Jet Ice technology can make ice within 90 minutes


  • Convertible refrigerator
  • Powerful cooling from inside to outside
  • Big size deodorizer eliminates bad odor
  • Looks stunning with both modern and traditional interiors


  • Availability issues
  • 3-star BEE ratings

Best LG Refrigerator Buying Guide

Just like any other refrigerator, you have to consider some similar factors like capacity, door type, number of shelves and others. But some of the LG refrigerators have certain unique features that differentiate them from others. Having these features will provide added benefit. We have mentioned them clearly below for your reference.

Different Types of Refrigerators

LG refrigerators come in four different door styles which vary in terms of capacities, features and price points. We have mentioned them below clearly for your reference.

LG French Door Refrigerator

These refrigerators are specially designed in such a way that all the food ingredients that will be used frequently can be placed at eye level and freezer is located below. Fridge compartment has two doors and freezer compartment is similar to a pull-out drawer

Some French door fridges come with additional drawers as well in between freezer and fridge compartment. Compared to other refrigerators, they have full width shelves and greater capacity.

French door refrigerators usually have large capacities and LG brand provides 900 litres of capacity in this variant. Compared to other types, French door fridges come in premium range. However, they are equipped with best and latest features.

LG Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Side-by-side fridge models from LG come with fridge space to the left and freezer space to the right. Compared to French models, side-by-side ones may not be stylish. But LG has made sure, these models are packed with several features.

Some of these models are designed with three doors instead of two, for providing better functionality. When it comes to capacity, they don’t offer much and shelves aren’t full-width. This can be an issue if you have to place large items like pizza boxes or party platters.

LG Double Door Refrigerator

These are the most common refrigerators that have been in the market for several years. They come in a capacity range between 235 to 495 liters. They come with two doors – one at the top (freezer space) and another at bottom (fridge space).

Latest refrigerators come with latest technologies that ensure less power consumption and decreased power bills. Some of the come with special features like microblock technology, fresh air flow tower and others. Different shelves and compartments are provided for storing different kinds of food ingredients. Some of variants come with convertible option as well which lets you convert freezer space into fridge so more storage space.

LG Single Door Refrigerator

These are actually the first refrigerators introduced into the market. If you are a bachelor or small family, then this type of refrigerator is enough. Compared to double or any other model, single door fridges have relatively small freezer space but the cooling efficiency is same. The only drawback is that, the freezer space gets accumulated with ice and has to be de-iced once in a while.

Single door refrigerators capacity ranges from 180 to 215 liters. LG provides some special features in their single door fridges that include smart compressor, smart connect, quick ice, and others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • Best LG Single Door Refrigerator: LG Single Door 235 L 4 Star Inverter Direct Cool Refrigerator (Purple Glow). It comes with a large storage space 235 L with an extra box at the base, inverter compressor, in-built stabilizer, and BEE 4Star ratings.
  • Best LG Double Door Refrigerator: LG Double Door 420 L 3 Star Inverter Refrigerator. It has an inverter compressor motor and innovative features like LG Smart Diagnosis and Ice Beam Cooling. It comes with a stunning design, BEE 3 star ratings, in-built stabilizer, deodorizers, and LED bulbs and storage space sufficient for 4-5 members.
  • Best LG Side-by-Side Door Refrigerator: LG Side-by-Side 687 L Frost Free Inverter Refrigerator. It is best in terms of price value, performance, storage space, and convenience. It comes with premium LG features like LG smart diagnosis, LG ThinQ App, Hygiene Fresh+, Digital Sensors, etc.

LG refrigerators can last 20 years or more if you take good care of the appliance.

Both brands make premium quality refrigerators; still, LG refrigerators are more reliable than Whirlpool. LG has a far better customer service network across India. LG refrigerators are also superior in terms of innovative features, convenience, and design.

Both LG and Samsung are South Korean brands, and both make more or less similar quality refrigerators. LG is superior in terms of innovation, convenience, and reliability. Some of the features like Smart Diagnosis—can detect the internal problems of the refrigerator and the LG Smart ThinQ app—provides remote control to temperature, modes, and other settings from your smartphone, are not available with Samsung. So, LG takes the upper hand in terms of technology and user convenience. While Samsung comes with better designs and also is able to save more energy than LG refrigerators.

One of the important reasons to choose LG refrigerators is that they are silent and energy efficient. Most of the LG refrigerators come with energy star rating which is presented on the product. This rating states that the fridge is certified to be energy efficient without any sacrificing the performance and functionality.

Higher the star rating, higher will be the saving (both power and electricity). It not only decreases the electricity bills but also protects the environment as well.

Some of the LG refrigerator models have LoDecibel Operation which is a special feature that ensures quite operation even if the compressor is running at high speed. Most of the LG fridges produces maximum noise of 44 to 48 decibels. This level is actually very low because an average conversation at o distance of 3ft will provide 60 decibels.

LG provides warranty on its every refrigerator. Most of them come with at least 1-year warranty which includes parts and labor. LG also provides extended warranty on some models.

If the refrigerator is maintained properly as per the instructions provided, then it will last for 13 years on average. To make sure it lasts long, it is recommended to clean the condenser coils (which are present at the back of refrigerator). Instructions on how to clean them are usually provided in the manual. Make sure the doors seals are also clean and cool air doesn’t escape from them. If the door seals have leaks, then cool air will escape which will make the refrigerator work even more harder.


If you have read the buying guide, you can easily decide which you should go for and why. If you are still confused, let us break it down to you.

Best LG Single Door Refrigerator: LG Single Door 235 L 4 Star Inverter Direct Cool Refrigerator (Purple Glow) is the best Single Door Refrigerator.

LG Double Door Refrigerator:

LG Side-by-Side Door Refrigerator:

Hope you found this article helpful. Also, if you have any queries left, share them in the comment section below.

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