Best 5 Facial Steamer for Home Use in India
Best Facial Steamer For Home Use in India

Best 5 Facial Steamer for Home Use in India

Facial steamers are very convenient products, and it makes sense to have one at home. You can use it when you don’t want to spend on beauty treatments and it’s a great home remedy when you have the flu. It has a range of benefits when it comes to beauty and health. Take a look at some of the high-quality facial steamers.

This HealthSense facial steamer is a great way to get better if you have a blocked nose, sore throat or the flu. It even has a diffuser tray you can use if you have any aromatic, medical or essential oils that has been prescribed for you. Also, you can use this steamer if you want to open up your pores and get rid of those pimples or blackheads. Portable, one-button operation, doesn’t sprinkle water, starts steaming in less than a minute.

This facial steamer from Dr. Trust is a 3 in 1 nano steamer. The steamer has three different steam settings. It can be used as a facial steamer, humidifier, and warm towel setting which helps to warm up a towel for different purposes. These settings can be used for purifying the air around us, deep cleaning of face, removing make-up, etc. Nano ionic steam helps in reducing skin damages like dead skin, acne, etc.

The HealthGenie steamer is safe for kids and adults. You don’t have to worry about excess heating or shocks. It is insulated well. Use it to heal sinuses, allergies, flu or any other respiratory ailments. There’s an aroma tray too if you want to use an aromatic ointment. It can also be used to open up pores, soften the skin, and clean the skin to improve its texture and complexion. Has long cord, 2-level heating, quick heating, and will not leak or sprinkle water.

This facial steamer, that you see at every beauty parlour, can now be at your home too. It’s very effective if you want to remove blackheads, clear your pores or regain your skin’s moisture. It emits a heated ionic steam that penetrates in the skin better than regular steam. Also, it enables better blood circulation, discharges toxins, and removes dirt and impurities. Cleanses deep layers of skin, can add essential oils, and moisturises skin.

This steamer has a bunch of quality features that make it worth your money. It will automatically shut off if overheated, it heats up in 2 minutes, has electric leakage protection, and can resist high temperature. You can use it to steam your clothes too. If you don’t want to iron, just steam them and the creases will disappear. Lightweight, plugs in easily, ergonomic handle, and user-friendly mechanism.

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