Best 5 DoorMats Brands Online in India
Best DoorMats For Home in India

Best 5 DoorMats Brands Online in India

A door mat placed right at the entrance of your house happens to represent your choice, and you wouldn’t that go wrong for you! On the front doors, bathrooms, kitchens, or bedrooms, door mats are everywhere.

A good door mat is aesthetically pleasing along with being durable and of great quality. Doormats around the house must ensure dry and safe working area and keep the floors clean and tidy.

Here are some doormats to consider while you decide on a fresh décor to your place.

A soft, plushy and aesthetic doormat makes everything so much more beautiful. Saral Home Turquoise Soft Microfiber Anti-Skid Bath Mat does just the job for you. This bright, comfortable and durable mat has super absorbent microfiber surface which makes it efficient for rooms and all other places. An anti-skid property makes it even more preferable for households with toddlers and the elderly. Goes really well with light pastel colored floors

This doormat from Atmah is a beautiful doormat which says welcome and has a tree on it. It is made up of hard and tough coir fiber extracted from the husk of the coconut. It environment friendly and doesn’t involve any harmful material. This door mat is very durable and a must buy. High quality rectangular doormat.

This pack of doormats from Saral Home contains two doormats. These doormats are brown in colour and are ideal for bathroom doors, entrance doors, etc. Made up of premium quality microfiber material, these doormats are extremely soft and comfortable. The mat has a great water absorption level and has an anti-skid back for a safe use. It is highly durable and a value pack at a low cost, which sounds great. Available in many more colours to choose from.

When on a look out for a classy and elegant addition for your décor, Onlymat Printed Door Mat is a perfect match for you. With a soft tufted surface and rubber underside, it has both must haves of looks and safety. A relatively larger piece covers a larger area and resembles a rich carpet. A durable door mat that keeps the dust out and comes with a high aesthetic appeal.

If you’re more into a simple and contemporary look, this mat would be a good choice. It goes well with all kinds of floor and is a multipurpose mat and can be used as a front door mat, or bathroom mat, or a bedroom mat. It has a soft surface that leaves you with a lingering comfort. It has a rubber base which makes it anti-slippery and holds the position well. Blends in perfectly with lighter as well as darker tiles.

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