Top 5 Best Glass Jar Sets For Kitchen Online in India
Best Glass Jar Sets For Kitchen in India

Top 5 Best Glass Jar Sets For Kitchen Online in India

Glass jars are the staples every household needs to keep their kitchen equipped for storage of food and other related items at all times. From pickles to spice mixes to hot roasted chillies to condiments to home-made chutneys, glass jars are the perfect containers to store such delicious goodies.

There are differently shaped and labelled glass jars available with different storage capacities. Ranging from 200 ml to 1000 ml and beyond, the needs may differ for every kitchen based on the size and requirement of the family. We’ve listed an array of options for you so you can easily choose from what suits your requirements in the best way possible.

This is a pack of four glass jars from Star Work. Each jar is of 1000ml and is most suitable to keep high quantity items like pickles and spices. The jars come with an airtight cap to keep the food items protected and in a good state. The jars are made up of high quality glass material and the lids or the caps of the jars are completely rust proof. Pot-shaped glass jars.

These beautiful & traditional Matka-shaped jars are great for mason-jar meal ideas to be taken to a picnic or to store the fruity marmalades or chocolates you make. Another exciting idea is to use these jars creatively and for multiple food storage purposes like dried fruits, veggies, berries, and so on. These glass jars are 400 ml each and have beautiful air-tight and leak-proof metal lids with a glossy white/blue pattern on the top. The jars can also be used in a microwave. Matka Style Jars

This is a set of six transparent glass jars from Home Centre. All these jars are round in shape and have a quantity of 650ml. These jars are extremely durable and very easy to use. You can store small amounts of items such as spices, etc. in these jars. Easy to store due to its compact and small size.

An excellent alternative to the old plastic jars, this lightweight set of 12 glass jars is made from food-grade borosilicate material and is meant for multipurpose storage of food items. The wide mouth of the jars enables easy storing, scooping and cleaning. This particular set of jars can also be used in a microwave. Each jar is of 200 ml capacity, is dishwasher safe, and has been sprayed with organic European varnish, maintaining the look of the jars for longer. The lids are long-lasting, made with rust-proof technology. Microwave Friendly Hexagon-Shaped Glass Jars

This multipurpose set of 6 jars is much better than plastic jars as these are made from food-grade material. Each jar has a 200 ml capacity and can be used in a microwave as well. Scooping and cleaning can easily be done from the jars because of the wide mouth opening. The rust-proof lids of the jars have a snug seal, keeping the food fresh for longer. Airtight Glass Jars With Rust-Proof Lids

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Top 5 Best Glass Jar Sets For Kitchen Online in India
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Top 5 Best Glass Jar Sets For Kitchen Online in India
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