Best 5 Baby Carriers for Kids in India | Reviews & Buying Guide
Best Baby Carriers For Kids in India

Best 5 Baby Carriers for Kids in India | Reviews & Buying Guide

For parents, there’s nothing more important than the baby’s safety. It’s the same priority for all the best brands that manufacture baby products. Here’s a list of all the best baby carriers that will ensure the safety of your little one.

You can carry your baby in four positions in this baby carrier, namely baby facing out, facing the parent, piggyback, and horizontal feeding position. The waist belt, side buckle, shoulder straps and chest support strap can be adjusted to your convenience, and there’s a front pocket for you to keep essentials. Also, there’s a removable back support hard board and cushioned leg support for the baby’s extreme relaxation. Wide, cushioned arm hole and leg opening for the baby’s comfortable movement.

The Trumom baby carrier is ergonomically designed, so that your baby is well-supported, and your hands are free to carry out other tasks. The padded shoulder straps are very comfortable and will not make your shoulders sore. The seat and padded head support, respectively, allow the baby’s hips and head to be supported correctly. Finally, the cross-belt at the back divides the baby’s weight equally on your shoulders and back. Can be carried in the front and back, and has enough pockets to keep feeding bottles, diapers and napkins.

This carrier is highly rated by many customers, and for all the right reasons. The quality of the fabric is excellent; breathable, soft and allows air ventilation. The design is ergonomically superior, giving the right amount of support to the baby’s head, neck, spine and hips, as well as to the parent’s back and shoulders. It can support 15kgs weight, so you can use it without worry till the child is 2 years old. With adjustable straps and good quality cushioning, this product is a smart solution to carry your baby around.

Available in five colours, this chic baby carrier will make you look like a cool, stylish parent. Adhering to all the European standards for baby care products, R for Rabbit is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to your baby’s safety. It is strong enough to carry your child till he/she is 2 years old. The wide hip strap allows you to not have any lower back strains making it a good choice for parent and child. Seat allows baby to sit in a natural position, detachable hood to protect the baby from sun or wind, and the baby can be carried in multiple positions.

The Chinmay Kids baby carrier is affordable and hugely popular among parents. Available in a number of colours, it is simple and does the trick. The material used is of the best quality, and the fabric is very plush. At the same time, all the straps and buckles are very strong. Also, there is a removable hard board to support the baby’s head, and a pocket to keep any baby essentials. Padded straps with mesh lining for ventilation, adjustable straps, and trendy look.

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