Best 6 Baby Walkers Online in India
Best Baby Walkers in India

Best 6 Baby Walkers Online in India

There are so many firsts in a baby’s life, walking being one of the most joyful ones for parents. They can’t wait to capture those special moments on camera. To help babies get their first steps right, a baby walker always helps. We bring you some of the best walkers that are safe and supportive for your child.

This multipurpose walker is a smart buy for any parent. Designed brilliantly, the front has the shape of a lion, and the back has the handle and support wheels to use as a walker. When the baby doesn’t want to walk, they can sit in front and play. The front has buttons that play sounds and music, a rattle and a mirror. When they want to walk, they just need to stand up and push the lion around, and the music will continue playing. Bright, colourful and sturdy.

The baby will be at ease in this walker because of its padded seat. The frame is strong, and the height can be adjusted as and when the baby grows. It is easy to clean and maintain since the seat is removable. Available in three colours, it comes with a toy tray that lights up and has musical buttons. When not in use, you can easily fold and put it away. Funny monkey face in the front, cushioned backrest and appealing design.

Very highly rated among parents, this walker is a bright yellow one that emits joy. It is a one stop purchase for a baby walker, toddler’s first steps and a ride on a toy. All you have to do is reassemble it as and when the child grows, and there’s no need to buy more toys for walking. You can use this from right up till the child is 3 years old. It is a detachable and resilient walker. Safety brakes, two height positions, and fun toy panel with sounds and music.

R for Rabbit’s multicolour walker is a pocket friendly walker that will serve the purpose. It is made from good quality, non-toxic materials that ensure the baby’s safety as per European standards. The U-shape design prevents any harm to the baby’s feet while walking. Also, to further the safety of the child, there are six brake pads at the bottom that won’t allow your baby to fall. Adjustable height and easy fold make it a smart purchase.

Your baby can walk around or be strolled around in this walker. It has a long detachable push handle that allows you to help them manoeuvre the walker when they are unable to do so on their own. The seat is comfortable, and the wheels are 360 degree rotational making it very convenient for the child. The best part is the adjustable height that allows you to increase it as and when the baby grows thus making it an economical purchase. Detachable musical toy tray, resilient built, and relaxing footrest

This walker is cosy, comfy and safe for the baby. With a cute panda head in the front, it’s bound to delight the child. The backrest and seat are well-cushioned, the wheels are 360 degree rotational, and there’s electronic music to keep the baby entertained. It also has rattles at the sides to add to the enjoyment. Wide frame, adjustable height and detachable toy tray that converts to a food tray.

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Best 6 Baby Walkers Online in India
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Best 6 Baby Walkers Online in India
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