Best 5 Clay & Dough Toys For Your Little One
Best Clay & Dough Toys For Kids in India

Best 5 Clay & Dough Toys For Your Little One

Give a stage to the creativity of your child. Clay modelling gives children a chance to create a world of their own. It actually plays a role in motor skill and sensory development of children.

Clay toys can help children learn their surroundings easily. It enhances their ability to understand all along as they play throughout the afternoon! Here are some of the best creative clay toy kits that you can gift your child.

The best way to teach a child is through play! Children can learn through visuals far more easily than by text. This set offers twelve different colours which enables the child to make a variety of things. The coloured boxes help kids learn assorting things according to colours. This ultimately helps them in developing motor and sensory skills. A multi-colour pack consisting of 12 coloured clay cans.

This fun dough set from Funskool is a clay toy set. It is a great activity to engross kids in and also helps them to increase their creativity. It has five different colour clay doughs and different shape cutters to create fun clay toys, along with other amazing accessories to make the toys. Best suitable for children of age 3 years and above.

When it comes to kids, safety matters the most! Bright and attractive colours often entice the kids, who lick their toys, which can be dangerous. Faber-Castell gives you non-toxic, great quality clay dough that can be used by kids and adults alike. The clay dough is soft, easy to use and store and comes in vibrant colours that make it special. A pack of 4 assorted clay boxes.

Let your child’s creativity shine through. Gift your kid a jar full of fun & watch your child play with this beautiful chocolate jar kit of modelling clay. This kit also offers exciting moulds which help your child create some perfect shapes and bring their imagination to reality. Moulding toys make playing with clay a fun activity that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. A jar of different coloured clay and moulding toys.​

This clay dough set from Play-Doh is a pack of six sparkle clay doughs, all of different colours. The sparkle clay doughs are extremely loved by kids. Make fun learning a part of your child’s daily life with this beautiful pack. It also includes two cutters to make cute shapes from the clay. Safe for kids.

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